About the checklist

A few comments about the checklist that might help its users:

  • All bee species known from the checklist area are listed here including the country where they have been recorded from.
  • Sub-species, including putatively valid ones, are listed as "other names" of the respective species along with synonyms.
  • Nomenclature on generic and sub-generic levels usually follows Michener (2007): The bees of the world. Baltimore.
  • The geographical terms „Yugoslavia“ and „Caucasus“ are used in the checklist to make faunistic information available that could not be clearly assigned to a certain country.
  • Bees of the islands of Corsica, Madeira, Canary Islands, Sardinia, Sicily, Crete and Socotra are listed as a part of the fauna of the country where the island belongs to even when they are endemic to an island and do not occur on the mainland.
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