The following colleagues (listed in alphabetical order of surnames in each section) provided valuable information. They are co-authors of the checklist in the order given here and the project would not have been possible without their input and support!

Baseline data

The baseline data for the checklist was provided by John S. Ascher. It is a compilation of data that is largely based on taxonomic and distributional data assembled for the "Discover Life bee species guide and world checklist (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Anthophila)" by John S. Ascher and John Pickering (

Taxonomic information

H.H. Dathe
A.W. Ebmer
† P. Hartmann
D. Michez
A. Müller
S. Patiny
A. Pauly
C. Praz
P. Rasmont
S. Risch
E. Scheuchl
M. Schwarz
M. Terzo
P.H. Williams

Faunistic data

F. Amiet
D. Baldock
Ø. Berg
P. Bogusch
I. Calabuig
B. Cederberg
A. Gogala
F. Gusenleitner
Z. Josan
H.B. Madsen
A. Nilsson
F. Ødegaard
J. Ortiz-Sanchez
J. Paukkunen
T. Pawlikowski
M. Quaranta
S.P.M. Roberts
M. Sáropataki
H.-R. Schwenninger
J. Smit
G. Söderman
B. Tomozei

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