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Here you can find information about updates of the checklist.

UPDATE 2 (18th January 2013)

Based on comments from several colleagues (see Acknowledgements) in the Checklist the following changes  have been made:

  • Nomenclatural changes / synonymizations (synonyms added to the Checklist): 38 species
  • Changes in country records: 68 species


  • David Baldock recorded 65 bee species new for Portugal.
  • Javier Ortiz-Sanchez provided information about the distribution of two Coelioxys species.
  • Erwin Scheuchl pointed out changes in the subgeneric affiliation of two Andrena species.
  • Bogdan Tomozei added a Bombus record for Romania.
  • Paul Williams helped with synonyms in Bombus.

UPDATE 1 (7th January 2013)

Based on information published in 2011 and 2012 the following changes have been made in the checklist:

  • Added to the checklist: 25 newly described species
  • Removed from the checklist: 1 species
  • Nomenclatural changes / synonymizations: 15 taxa
  • Changes in country records: 153 species


David Genoud kindly provided unpublished information about new Andrena records from France.

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